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76 organizations have registered to exhibit!  Thank you to exhibitors for participating! 

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Organization Website Type Booth Size RegDate
Greater Augusta Chamber of Commerce View Assoc 8ft table 6/14/2017
Moonstock 2017 View Business 8ft table 6/12/2017
Hillsboro Eclipse Camping View Assoc 8ft table 5/17/2017
National Weather Service View Govt 8ft table 5/17/2017
Eclipse 2017 Store View Business 10x10 5/11/2017
Ste Genevieve Eclipse: Celebrate the Centerline View Assoc 10x15 5/5/2017
Little Grassy United Methodist Camp View Assoc 8ft table 5/4/2017
Astronomers Without Borders View Assoc 10x15 4/292017
Friends of Hawn State Park Association View Assoc 8ft table 4/21/2017
Abra-Kid-Abra View Business 10x10 4/21/2017
R&R Enterprises View Business 10x10 4/6/2017
Darkening of the Sun View Business 10x15 4/6/2017
Moon Illustrations & Visuals View Business 10x10 4/3/2017
Riverbend Astronomy Club View Assoc 10x10 3/21/2017
Edwardsville High School View K-12 8ft table 3/21/2017
National Park Service View Govt 10x10 3/21/2017
International Occultation Timing Assocation View Assoc 10x10 3/17/2017
Institute of School Partnership at WU in St. Louis View Business 8ft table 3/16/2017
Leader Publications View Business 10x10 3/9/2017
World Bird Sanctuary View Assoc 10x10 3/7/2017
St. Charles City-County Library District View Library 8ft table 3/7/2017
Newspapers in Education View Business 10x10 3/7/2017
Barnes & Noble, Inc. View Business 10x10 3/3/2017
Farmington Regional Chamber of Commerce View Govt 10x10 2/15/2017
Vixen Optics View Business 10x10 2/11/2017
Explore St. Louis View Govt 10x10 2/9/2017
City of Union View Govt 10x10 2/8/2017
Missouri Department of Tourism View Govt 10x10 2/8/2017
Lunt Solar Systems View Business 15x15 2/6/2017
DayStar Filters View Business 15x15 2/3/2017
St. Louis University High School View K-12 Activity 2/2/2017
Clarion Marketing View Business 10x10 2/2/2017
Crocker High School ExMASS Team View K-12 8ft table 2/2/2017
St. Louis Metro ARES View Assoc 8ft table 2/1/2017
Creve Coeur Camera View Business 10x10 2/1/2017
Parkway School District View K-12 Activity 2/1/2017
Missouri Optometric Association View Assoc 10x10 1/31/2017
Mineral Area College View College 8ft table 1/30/2017
St. Louis County Office of Emergency Management View Govt 10x10 1/30/2017
Cornerstones of Science with the NASA@My Library Project View Assoc 10x20 1/24/2017
St. Charles County Parks and Recreation Department View Assoc 10x10 1/24/2017
Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri View Assoc 8ft table 1/23/2017
St. Louis Space Frontier View Govt 10x10 1/20/2017
Jefferson City Convention & Visitors Bureau View Govt 10x10 1/20/2017
SIU Touch of Nature Environmental Center View Govt 10x10 1/19/2017
De Soto Public Library View Library 8ft table 1/19/2017
City of Chesterfield Parks, Recreation & Arts View Govt 8ft table 1/19/2017
St. Louis County Parks View Govt 10x10 1/18/2017
Missouri State Parks View Govt 10x10 1/18/2017
Visit Columbia MO View Govt 8ft table 1/18/2017
Arnold City Chamber of Commerce View Govt 10x10 1/17/2017
City of Ellisville View Govt 10x10 1/17/2017
Scopedawg Optics View Business 10x10 1/17/2017
Southern Illinois University Carbondale View College 8ft table 1/17/2017
University of Missouri Extension Community Arts Program View College 8ft table 1/17/2017
Jefferson College Library View Library 10x10 1/17/2017
Great American Eclipse View Business 10x20 1/15/2017
The Big Eclipse View Business 10x10 1/14/2017
Astronomical Society of the Pacific View Govt 8ft table 1/13/2017
City of Washington/EMDSO View Govt 10x10 1/13/2017
Get Your Eclipse On Route 66 (St. Clair, MO) View Govt 10x10 1/11/2017
Mastodon Art and Science Regional Fair View Assoc 10x10 1/11/2017
Municipal Library Consortium View Library 10x10 1/11/2017
Carbondale Tourism View Govt 10x10 1/10/2017
Perry County Heritage Tourism View Govt 10x10 1/10/2017
City of Festus View Govt 10x10 1/9/2017
Dr. Mike Reynolds - Out of This World View College 10x10 1/9/2017
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center View Govt 10x15 1/9/2017
Owensville Chamber of Commerce Tourism View Govt 8ft table 1/9/2017
Rockwood School District View K-12 Activity 1/9/2017
St. Louis County Library View Library 10x10 1/9/2017
City of Herculaneum Solar Eclipse Task Force View Govt 10x10 1/7/2017
Astronomical Society of Eastern Missouri (ASEM) View Assoc 10x10 1/7/2017
Challenger Learning Center - St. Louis View Govt Activity 1/7/2017
Saint Louis Science Center View Govt 10x15 1/7/2017
St. Louis Astronomical Society (SLAS) View Assoc 10x10 1/7/2017